Monday, October 4, 2010

Coal Harbour, Vancouver

Today I met up with Seagull, Pingu and Sarnold and had an adventure around Vancouver. Seagull was gracious enough to take sizable portion of her day to show us around, and I thank her for that. Thanks also to Pingu and Sarnold for showing up in Vancouver!

Our first stop on our adventure was Coal Harbour, which is on the way to Stanley Park from where I was staying. It's a nice scenic walk, and I got some pretty sweet pictures.

Look, I'm in Canada!

The first time I've seen a seaplane in real life! These planes fly around Vancouver a lot.

There are a multitude of boats anchored in the harbour.

It's me again, underneath a shed on stilts.

This was taken at Cardero Park, where some sculptures were being displayed for Vancouver Biennale. It is a biannual ourdoor art exhibition in Vancouver. This particular piece of art is called "Meeting", by Wang Shugang of China.

These are some flowers along the harbour. You can see the city towering behind them.

This is Coal Harbour's Fellowship Bell, with a plaque on it with the names of people and companies that have helped build Coal Harbour and the community around it.

There are more pictures coming soon!


Jason said...

Do I want to know what those guys are meeting about?

nuttycat said...

Amazing pictures! However, this blog post needs more cats!