Friday, January 23, 2009

Bird Sightings This Week

This week I have attempted to record more birds on video, so that I can compile them into web shorts and put them up here. In between the video shots, I took a few stills too. I've been mainly using my still camera (DSC-H2) for this, but I've also got a video camera on loan for a bird film I am making. We'll see how that project goes. In the meantime, enjoy these shots.

Olive-backed sunbirds are small and jumpy. They are hard to photograph unless they're perched high up on some antennae or treetop and chirping their lungs out.

"Astro" is the name of the satellite TV subscription service in Malaysia. It's so common that "everyone" has it, that is everyone who wants to fork out about 80 bucks a month for old, repetitive shows. Clearly this white-throated kingfisher doesn't think much of the service either, as it looks like he's pooped on the Astro dish.

Look, a team of vigilant superhero birds! On the top of the branch is the famous and heroic dollarbird (dum da da dum!) and the smaller guy at the bottom is his sidekick, coppersmith barbet!

Brahminy kites are a common sight on campus. This one is carrying a twig, probably to build a nest with.

This is a common sparrow, and he looks angry. Maybe he hates being photographed.


megan said...

That sparrow is a zombie. Just so you know. It probably only goes for other sparrows, or perhaps birds. So you're quite safe. Mostly.

tranquility said...

nice pics, it must be hard to shoot the flying ones