Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Readership Statistics At The End Of 2008

I've been using a webtracker since 15 April 2007, and I thought it'd be interesting to see the reader demographics of this blog. Some of my friends read it (thanks folks!), and some random people inadvertently stumble upon it. So far, I've gotten 11616 unique visitors, give or take some margin of error as webtrackers aren't terribly reliable.

By Country
Readership By Country

Here, we can see that most of my visitors are from the United States. Malaysia ranks second place, the UK scores third, Canada gets fourth, Australia is fifth and we have a whole bunch of other countries following behind. I've grouped the countries with a visitor ratio of less than 1% into a clump called "Other", which accounts for 16.75% of all visitors. For a map view, you can check out this site, which also tracks my visitors.

By Browser
Readership By Browser Type

Gecko is the core of the Mozilla-based browsers such as Firefox, Iceweasel, Seamonkey and Epiphany. Gecko is the winner here, and IE is second place. As far as my blog is concerned, Microsoft just lost the browser war. Neener.

By Operating System
Readership By Operating System

There's quite a number of Linux/Unix and Mac users out there visiting my blog. Maybe it's because of some of the *nix-oriented posts I have. Still, I'd say most of my blog is now general interest rather than tech-specific.

I used Google's chart API to dynamically render the pie charts you see above. If you think this entire post is just an excuse to play with it, you're probably right.

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