Sunday, October 5, 2008

Chirpy Things

The long holidays this week means the campus is relatively free of humans. Thus, the birdies own the place when nobody's about. Here are a few of them, happily chirping away.

I don't know why I can never get a solid focus lock on a magpie robin. This shot isn't too bad but I've love to have a nice, large, crisp shot of one.

I think this is the best picture of the pied fantail I've taken. It was flitting around near a small puddle and splashing around happily in it.

I have no idea what this bird is. When birds are perched high up in branches it's hard to get a decent shot from below, since the sky is always going to be overly-bright. If anyone knows what this bird is, let me know.


aiichan said...

where did you actually find these beautiful birds ^^

Anonymous said...

I think the bird you didn't know what it was is a blue backed conebill.