Sunday, August 3, 2008

Giant Reptiles In The Lake

USM's lakes are home to many reptiles. I've posted numerous pictures of monitor lizards and turtles. The water monitors are a common sight, basking on the bank.


However there's also another type of large reptile in the lake. I've seen large shadowy shapes in the water but I've never seen it emerge from the depths until now. I was determined to catch them on camera; they were my own personal Loch Ness monster. Elusive and shy, I finally got a glimpse on Saturday. They are huge turtles.

See, it's smiling to the camera, as if it's saying "why so serious?". I couldn't get a full shot because I had my zoom lens attached, and by the time I unscrewed the lens the turtle had disappeared. I don't know how people with DSLRs take nature photos with equipment even more cumbersome than my compact. Fiddling with things just makes you lose the shot.


planty said...

I do believe your monster is the Chinese softshell (Pelodiscus sinensis). You were right, it is non-native. You can look up images to be sure

Sheena Van Der Mark said...

awwww!!! I'm jealous.