Saturday, April 11, 2009

Penang Hill

It's been years since I last went up Penang hill. Today I went with my mom, and took a lot of pictures.

The train is working again after months of being under repair.

Another train passes by ours.

The view of Penang is breathtaking.

An older train car is on display on top of the hill.

The tall building is KOMTAR, Penang's administrative complex.

Huge spiders are everywhere on the hill.

A monkey sits and watches the tourists.


Stefan said...

I love those cable cars! I encountered one in Wellington and one in Levico Terme.

Erk said...

That's a nice shot of the Golden Orb Weaver, although it looks a bit thin. Poor Shelob hasn't fed in a while.

Josh said...

hi my name is Joshua Tan and I'm a freelance writer for Penang Passion. I was wondering I could use your pictures you took of Penang Hill for my upcoming article as they are pretty impressive. I will be sure to credit you.

hussein said...

Sure thing, Josh.

Just credit them to Nur Hussein and point to this blog.

If you want bigger versions of these pictures, you can have them too, if you give me an email address to send them to.