Wednesday, November 26, 2008


First off, Sally's a boy cat. I thought he was a girl before, hence the name. But I have retconned his name to be a short nickname for "Henry Salvatore". "Sally" can be short for "Salvatore", and "Henry" because "Indiana" is a dog's name.

Anyway, I had to take Sal to the vet today. He wasn't moving much, and coughing. I was afraid something might be lodged in his throat. This was the first time I've taken any animal to the vet, so I had to buy a cat carrier for Sally. He was a good lad, and stayed calm throughout the whole process. It turns out his throat is clear, but he is sick and needs antibiotics for 20 days. The vet taught me how to feed pills to a cat (here is a quick online guide).


It was hard to put Sally in the carrier, not because he put up a fight but because it's upsetting for me to cage an animal, even temporarily. Sally is a brave little cat though. What a trooper.


moose said...

Is it wrong that I'm amused that you couldn't tell the difference between a boy cat and a girl cat?

Fauzy said...

Hello Don, Hope Sal will get better soon, Yep I remember the days of feeding a pill to a cat, tough job, but the blanket trick works decently well.

hussein said...

I had to give them names when they were kittens, and their sexes weren't that obvious yet. Sally doesn't mind his name though.

nuttycat said...

/me waves to the kitty
Brave kitty! Get well soon Sal.

beachgirl said...

He's cute :) I hope for a speedy recovery for Sally!