Thursday, April 10, 2008

Concerning Turtles

During the quiet hours of the mornings or evenings, you can catch a glimpse of turtles basking near the lake on campus.

You can see ripples in the water as drops of rain start to fall.

It's sad that people throw insecticide cans into the lake. In real life, toxic waste does not turn turtles into mutant ninjas, it just kills them. Don't pollute, folks. It's not cool.


- rzmie - said...

yeah..aku pun pelik nape la ada sesetengah manusia, pas bagi makan kat ikan @ kat haiwan2 kat tasik tuh, buang je bungkus makanan kat dlm tasik..nak ckp buduh semua masuk u..

Eden said...

I hope the insecticide can, or the substance in it will turn the turtle to ninja turtle. Nature revenging itself. Then it can beat the crap out of people who threw the insecticide can.