Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Agent Megatrond?

Here's some news about the live-action Transformers movie. I've always wanted to see something like this as a kid, and despite the changes from the original cartoon and having a terrible director, the new movie still manages to intrigue me from time to time.

The latest report from USA Today indicates that Hugo Weaving will voice Megatron. I can picture it now.

"Welcome to Cybertron...Misterrr Prrriiime"


They aren't telling what Megatron turns into. Previous rumours indicated he turned into this really horrid-looking "alien jet". For a robot in a disguise that wants to conceal its alien origin, that's a pretty lousy disguise. I hope he turns into a tank or something. That way they can preserve the bad-ass cannon on his arm.


Eden said...

If they ever do something to Megatron, like changing his looks or warping his character into something unrecognizable the way Harry Potter 4 did to Barty Crouch Jr. I'm gonna send them hate-mails. Mwahahahah.

hussein said...

Eden : Uh... I hate to tell you this but, uh, I think you can start writing your letters from now.

Wawa said...

i can't follow.

Being a kid, i've never watch Transformer.

I commented just because u asked me so..

ahaha..does that hurts?

nani said...

*wiggles eyebrow*