Monday, January 1, 2007

One Year Later

Happy new year everyone.

I've been occupied lately, and I haven't had time to write random stuff on the interwebs. After I lost my Wordpress host, I didn't quite bother to set up a new site.

But now Blogger has improved its services, and thus I am using this facility again.

I have finally finished my Master of Science, and thus that chapter has come to a close. Therefore the old blog is gone from the interwebs, although I still keep an archive on my hard drive.

I just got a new job working as a computer scientist for the Doping Control Center, where I continue to do research while at the same time, look for a place to do my PhD.

I don't think anyone actually reads this stuff, but here I am, back on the internets again. I have adorned this post with some of my graduation pictures from August last year. They consist of myself posing in exactly the same way at different locations on campus. Yes that is me, and not a cardboard cut-out.

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Strangecharm a.k.a Wawa said...

cool dude,
keep on writing.

curutari said...

Hey I'm reading your blog. :-)

hussein said...

Thanks guys :)

SysAdmin said...

It's good to see you back into business :)

Heh, I thought you're not going to make the kernel panic anymore.

Savanna said...

You look so nice! Purple looks surprisingly well. :)